Fit and Flourish was an active wear brand developed for a Global Sourcing course at SCAD. The project objective was to create a company and develop a successful global sourcing strategy for said company. The global sourcing strategy was developed to leverage price, quality, and lead times.

The global sourcing strategy book is a thorough and all-encompassing guideline that reveals how Fit & Flourish will operate in regards to sourcing during its first year in business. The document includes preliminary and finalized cost structure that is based off of potential suppliers and manufacturers from the chosen countries of origin, which include China, Peru, and Jordan. This sourcing document ensures that the Fit & Flourish brand will maximize business opportunity in the active wear industry by optimizing margin potential, minimizing risk, and maintaining value alignment. The strategy also ensures opportunity for future growth. Through methodical research of each country and in-depth examination of said country’s top manufacturers, Fit & Flourish was able to create a successful sourcing strategy. 

To view the Fit & Flourish global sourcing strategy in its entirety click here.