Love is a bi-annual international fashion and fine arts magazine created by British stylist and fashion journalist Katie Grand. Founded in 2009, each magazine release reveals a unique theme that is carried throughout the entire publication but is used solely for that issue. Examples of past themes have been the clean issue, the naked issue, and the Minnie Mouse issue.

Intrigued by the unique strategy of Love magazine and the creative freedom it allows for, I chose to replicate the editorial with my own chosen theme. The ever-present and continually growing technology obsession was the initial inspiration behind my theme. The content of my replication follows the original magazines layout, writing styles, and font selection. The art direction as well as styling of all photo shoots contained within the magazine were conceptualized by myself and carried out through collaboration with photographers. The editorial content stays true to Love’s nature with a series of informal artist interviews and a few conversational pieces covering some of today’s most prevalent and intriguing trends. The energetic, graphic impact of our dissection and representation of technology combined with the colorful, vivid artist profiles throughout the pages altogether created a product that was only fitting to coin “The Bold Issue.”

If interested in viewing the magazine in its entirety please contact me directly.